Virtual Wardrobe Stylist

Perfect for clients who can't make it to NYC, Seek's Virtual Wardrobe Stylist is the online version of our personal styling service. Work with a virtual wardrobe stylist to update your wardrobe or put together an outfit for a special event.
Virtual wardrobe stylist and online personal shopper.

Choose from the service that best meets your needs:
Update your wardrobe with a virtual stylist appointment.
General Wardrobe Styling
Have your current fashion choices and sense of style assessed by a wardrobe professional. Enjoy personalized fashion advice and receive a detailed shopping list (including links to specific stores) to help you complement your current pieces, or build a brand new wardrobe without ever leaving the house. Priced per hour.

Special event virtual wardrobe styling service
Special Event Styling
Our most popular virtual service. After a brief phone or e-mail consultation, we'll put together a head-to-toe outfit for a specific event (which could be anything from a high-pressure interview or a hot date). You'll be provided with a detailed shopping plan (everything from accessories to underwear!) to help you purchase the suggested pieces. Priced per outfit.

Virtual online gift buying service
Virtual Stylist Consultation
Your chance to ask anything (well, within reason!) of a professional stylist. Want a second opinion on an outfit? Need help choosing between two different styles? Thinking of becoming a stylist and want advice to help kickstart your career? During this phone or Skype session, the time is yours to use as you'd like. Half hour session.

How does it work?
Whether virtual or in person, all wardrobe styling clients begin their experience with the completion of a detailed style questionnaire. This process lets your personal stylist learn a little bit about your personality, and helps us to determine your specific taste, budget, and goals. Virtual clients are also asked to submit a series of snapshots which exemplify their current fashion sense (or lack thereof!) and/or show us your style during an online video chat.

After completion of the style questionnaire, your stylist will follow up with a phone, Skype, or e-mail consultation, then create a shopping plan specifically for you. You'll be provided with store, size, and color advice, as well as a shopping list with links to specific clothing item (plus shoe and accessory suggestions) to help you complete your new look.

All virtual styling appointments are tailored specifically to the needs and goals of the individual client. You can arrange a session with a specific goal in mind (work clothing, vacation wear, maternity clothes, sexy lingerie, etc.), opt for a general wardrobe update, or let us put together a shopping list for a special event.

Online wardrobe styling and virtual personal shopping by Seek.