Virtual Closet Reboot

Virtual closet reboot and online wardrobe edit with a professional stylist.
Seek's Virtual Closet Reboot is a cyber version of our popular wardrobe editing service. Work with a professional wardrobe stylist (via phone, text, e-mail, and video) to analyze the clothing you currently own, figure out what to throw away or donate, and learn how to make outfits with what you have left.

How does it work?

Working via video chat (Skype, FaceTime) or a series of phone calls, e-mails, and photographs, you'll begin by
sorting through your existing wardrobe and tossing anything dated, dowdy, or just plain disgusting. Tossed items will be separated into "donate" (for you to take to the local thrift store or charity shop) and "dumpster" piles (for stuff headed straight to the trash).

After weeding out the disasters, your virtual personal stylist will help you
figure out how to utilize the pieces left in your closet. Send photographs of your favorite pieces, and your stylist will show you how to mix and match the items you already own in new or unexpected ways.

Following your consultation, your wardrobe stylist will stylist put together a list of any key clothing staples lacking from your current wardrobe. You'll leave the Closet Reboot with a
detailed shopping list (including links to online resources) to help you fill in the blanks.

Virtual Closet Reboot and Online Wardrobe Edit.