Wedding Night Shopping

Wedding night styling and lingerie shopping in NYC.
Our stylist will help you shop for wedding night lingerie, a beautiful honeymoon wardrobe, or the best foundation garments for underneath your wedding dress. We'll work with your comfort level and budget to make you look fantastic.
Instead of heading to a mass-market retailer and settling for something hot pick and black, let us help you to choose unique undergarments for your wedding night. We know the city's best lingerie boutiques, vintage stores, specialty shops, and other hidden treasures, as well as the underwear departments at large department stores. We'll work with your personal style, budget, and comfort level to create a wedding night (or honeymoon!) wardrobe that your new mate is sure to love.

If you're searching for the best underwear, bridal bustier, or foundation garments for underneath your wedding dress, we can help with that, too! We have a professional relationship with one of the best bridal lingerie retailers in the city.

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