Customize a New York City shopping tour with Seek

  • Please provide a cell phone number where you can be reached during your stay in NYC. (We like to have a way to get in touch on the morning of the tour, just in case there are any transit delays, or if the guide has trouble finding you at the meeting location.)

  • If you've already booked, please list scheduled date and itinerary (Garment District, Fifth Ave, etc.)

  • Please tell us about your group, and the things you're hoping to see and do: What are ages and interests of tour participants? Are you looking for specific items? Are there certain stores (or types of stores) that you want to visit, or "been there, done that" places you'd rather skip?
  • I'm interested in a fashion history-oriented tour (Garment District, Fifth Avenue, Ladies' Mile) I'm interested in a Garment District tour, but my primary interest is shopping for fabrics and trims I'm interested in shopping, but please include some historical points of interest along the way I'm not interested in history, and just want to shop!

  • Sizes are helpful if you are planning to purchase clothing during your tour. Are you looking for standard women's sizes (0-12)? Plus sizes? Men's or children's items? (Feel free to skip this question if you are booking a Garment District tour!)

  • Where are some of your favorite places to shop? Do you prefer specific designers or labels? Are you interested in vintage or consignment shopping? Do you gravitate toward trendy or classic styles?

  • People often have different ideas of what is expensive and what constitutes a "bargain." For instance, are you interested in authentic designer items, or are $2 finds from the wholesale district more your style? Are you looking to save or splurge? Do you have a set budget for the tour? If fabric shopping, are you looking for fine fabrics, great deals, or both? This will help us to choose the best stores for your tastes and interests.
  • Please have the shopping tour guide meet my party at my hotel Please have the guide meet my party at a store or landmark convenient to the tour itinerary (recommended) Other/not sure
    Keep in mind that transportation may be required if you request hotel pickup, or if you want to visit multiple parts of town. Tour participants are responsible for all transportation costs.
  • Walking only (tour limited to stops in one part of town) Multiple neighborhoods utilizing public transportation Multiple neighborhoods utilizing a taxi Not sure/doesn't matter

  • Seasoned visitors to NYC often have different interests than those making their very first trip. Your familiarity with the city will be taken into consideration when designing the tour itinerary.