Gift-Buying Questionnaire

  • Part I: Contact Information
  • Morning Afternoon Evening Doesn't Matter

  • Part II: Recipient’s Information

  • Please provide exact age if recipient is a child or teenager. For adults, a general age range ("late thirties") will suffice.
  • Male Female

  • Address information is only necessary if you are interested in having gifts wrapped and mailed directly to the recipient.

  • Outgoing or shy? Tomboy or girly girl? Artsy or sporty? Athlete or a couch potato? Uptight or laid back? Liberal or conservative? The more information you are able to provide, the more personal the gift will be!

  • Please include hobbies, interests, pets, "favorites" (colors, foods, movies, brands, sports teams), likes and dislikes, career information/aspirations, etc.

  • Is the recipient a city-dweller or a suburbanite? Are they a college student sharing a dorm room? A twentysomething with a tiny studio apartment? A homeowner with a big backyard? What's the weather like where they live?
  • Birthday Anniversary Christmas Hanukkah Bar/Bat Mitzvah Graduation Bridal Shower Wedding Baby Shower New Baby Housewarming Mother's/Father's Day Valentine's Day Other

  • Part III: Your Shopping Plan
  • Do not exceed this amount, but please purchase additional gifts if necessary to use all allotted funds Do not exceed this amount, but it's okay if the gift costs less (Ex: You set a budget of $100, and we find the perfect gift for $60) It's okay to exceed this amount by $10 It's okay to exceed this amount by $25 It's okay to exceed this amount by $50
    Say we find the perfect gift, but it's $20 over budget. Or you budget $100 and the perfect gift costs $50. What should we do?
  • One large present Multiple smaller presents Number of presents doesn't matter as long as they make the recipient happy
  • Yes, please! No thanks, I'll wrap them myself
  • Yes, please! No thanks, I'll deliver them myself