Please note that we no longer offer custom-made Halloween costumes. If you are in the New York City area, please consider our Halloween Help service, which allows clients to work alongside a professional costume designer to shop and build their creation.

Commercial clients seeking a costume designer or wardrobe stylist for a TV/film project, photo shoot, theatrical performance, or corporate event can visit our
Professional Costume Design Services page for more information.

Custom Halloween Costumes

Custom made costumes and Halloween costumes in New York City.
Too busy to shop for a Halloween costume? Can't come up with a good idea? Completely uninterested in fighting the pre-Halloween rush?

Tell us your crazy Halloween costume idea (a few photos or links to online images are appreciated if you're going for a specific concept) and let our NYC costume designers make it a reality.

We'll design, sew, paint, tweak, and embellish to create a custom made costume just for you. For original designs, your professional costume designer can also include a costume rendering which will be e-mailed to you for approval.

Specialty costume design pricing varies based on project requirements.
Our rates start as low as $100 for a simple accessory piece to several thousand dollars for the design and construction of a detailed period costume. Keep in mind that the item you are commissioning is
custom-made for you. This means that it is thoughtfully researched, designed, shopped, and crafted by a professional costumer working in the United States, and will be built to your specifications and fitted to your body, with extensive opportunity for designer-client collaboration. For this reason, please do not expect a custom costume for the price of a mass-produced garment! (For more on our costume design pricing and how our services work, please visit our How It Works page.

Client is responsible for the actual cost of materials, and is welcome to provide some (or all) of the fabrics and trims needed for their project. A Seek costume designer can also do the shopping for you.

Visit this page to
learn more about Seek's costume design services.

Please note that we are unable to replicate trademarked/copyrighted characters or designs of any kind. (This generally includes things like cartoons, superheroes, theme park characters, etc.) Licensed characters cannot be reproduced unless you own the design or have purchased the license and can provide proof of permission from the license holder.

Custom Halloween Costumes in NYC.