NYC Halloween Costume Help

Visit New York costume shops and get help with Halloween costumes in New York City.
Make your Halloween costume idea a reality by working alongside a professional costume designer to shop for fabrics, supplies, and costumes in New York City. From basic pieces to finishing touches, we'll help you to secure all of the tools and materials necessary to successfully execute your costume design.

A professional NY costume designer will accompany you to
New York costume shops, popular Halloween and clothing stores, vintage boutiques, and lesser-known shops frequented by professional costume designers. Shop for costume pieces, masks, wigs, clothing, accessories, art supplies, fabric, ribbons, jewelry, beads, buttons--whatever you need to make your vision a reality. Your costume designer and NYC Halloween shopping companion will offer advice on the best way to wear your costume and the techniques necessary to put it together. The end result? A one-of-a-kind look that can't be bought in a plastic package.

Halloween costume service requires a minimum commitment of two hours. Client is responsible for cost of materials.

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