Please note that we no longer offer custom-made Halloween costumes. If you are in the New York City area, please consider our Halloween Help service, which allows clients to work alongside a professional costume designer to shop and build their creation.

Commercial clients seeking a costume designer or wardrobe stylist for a TV/film project, photo shoot, theatrical performance, or corporate event can visit our
Professional Costume Design Services page for more information.

How Seek
How Seek

Seek offers
professional costume design and construction services for both private and commercial clients. To learn more about our custom costume design services (and why our costumes aren't "one price fits all") please read the information below.

How Custom Costume Design Services Work

Things to Consider

Costume design pricing will be determined based on a number of factors, including:

  • Scope of project (design only? design and construction?)
  • Number of hours necessary to complete the design
  • Amount of sewing and shopping
  • Required technical skills (draping, patternmaking, millinery, dyeing, fabric painting, etc.)
  • How quickly the finished product is needed
  • Ease or difficulty of construction
  • Number of costume designers, assistants, and technicians necessary to complete the project
  • Custom made costume, or mix of custom and commercially available costume pieces?
  • Whether the costume is for private or commercial use
  • Number of fittings (if any) requested
  • Number of costumes needed
Custom costume design and custom made costumes by a professional costume designer in NYC.
You will be charged a flat rate (agreed upon in advance) for our professional costume design and/or construction services. For costume construction projects, the client is responsible for the actual cost of materials used to execute the costume. (We do not mark up or inflate these costs.) You may set a shopping budget, and will be contacted to authorize any spending beyond that amount. Clients are welcome to provide some (or all) of the fabrics, trims, etc. Our costume designers in NYC can also do the shopping for you.

If you are based in Manhattan and are requesting costume construction services, fittings will take place in your home, office, rehearsal space, or other location of your choice. (Fitting space can also be rented for a small fee.) Our NY costume designers can deliver the finished costume(s) to your home, office, or event location, or arrange a time and place for pickup. If you live outside the city, you are responsible for providing measurements and/or arranging for transportation to NYC for fittings. Out-of-town clients are also responsible for all applicable shipping charges. We will ship the costume via your preferred carrier.
When calling or e-mailing to request a quote for your project, it is helpful to be prepared with a few pieces of information:

  • How many costumes do you need?
  • When is your deadline for completion?
  • What type of project is it? (TV commercial? Dance performance? School play? Corporate event?)
  • What kind of costume(s) are you looking for?
  • Are you looking for research, concept, and design only, or design and execution?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?
Knowing these details will help us to accurately estimate the time, materials, and skills necessary to complete your custom made costume or costume design project. Also, keep in mind that large-scale projects and elaborate designs can take weeks or even months to execute, so don't wait until the last minute!

Please note that we are unable to replicate trademarked/copyrighted characters or designs of any kind. Licensed characters cannot be reproduced unless you are the owner of the character or have purchased the license and can provide proof of permission from the license holder.

Specialty Costume Design and Custom Made Costumes