On-Set Wedding Styling

Bridal stylist in New York City.
Seek's on-set wedding styling service provides a wardrobe stylist "on location" at the church to act as a wedding dresser for the bride, bridal party, and even the guests. Instead of putting your bridal party to work steaming and sewing, book an on-set wedding stylist and let your friends and family enjoy the day. After all, you've hired a professional makeup artist, florist, and photographer--why should a bridesmaid be responsible for making sure that everybody gets dressed on time?Let our on-set wedding stylist take care of all steaming, ironing, shoe-shining, tie-tying, dress repairs, emergency stain removal, last-minute alterations, and other wardrobe-related needs.
Wedding wardrobe stylist on location in NYC.
Our wedding assistants are professional stylists and wardrobe workers who will know what to do when your four-year-old flower girl spills fruit punch on her dress, and what to do when the best man gets a makeup smudge on his jacket right before the toast. Come picture time, the wardrobe stylist will make sure that everything (and everyone) looks fantastic, just like on a professional shoot!

Our on-set wedding stylists come fully equipped with a steamer, iron, wardrobe kit, rolling rack, and other necessary equipment. Tell us your wedding colors, and we'll be sure to stock up on matching thread!

Two stylists are recommended for parties of 11+ people. Available for events in New York City only.

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ten reasons why you need a wardrobe stylist at your wedding will change your mind!

On-location wedding wardrobe stylist and personal image consultant in New York NY.