Tour of the Week: Garment District

Those outside New York City might not be able to pinpoint the Garment District on a map, but if you're at all interested in fashion, you've almost certainly seen it on TV. Project Runway fan? Staples of the show, including Mood Fabrics, Atlas Apartments, and Parsons the New School for Design, are all located within the boundaries of the Garment District. Follow the goings-on at New York Fashion Week? Until recently (when organizers moved the event to Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center) those famous "tents" were erected at Bryant Park, which--you guessed it!--is part of the Garment District.

Stop right now and look in the mirror at the outfit you're wearing. Chances are, at least one item on your body got its start in the
Garment District. One of the world's great centers for fashion design, this New York City neighborhood is home to designer showrooms, fabric stores, wholesale suppliers, company headquarters, and countless other industry resources.
Needle Threading a Button in the NYC Garment District.
New York's Garment District runs from approximately 34th - 42nd Streets between Fifth and Ninth Avenues on Manhattan's west side. Here, you'll find vendors selling everything from fine fabrics and imported ribbons to artificial flowers and antique buttons, and just about anything in between. Better yet, the Garment District includes (or is convenient to) plenty of popular clothing retailers, as well as famous landmarks like the Empire State Building. Also in the neighborhood are numerous wholesale clothing, makeup, and accessory suppliers, many of which are open to the public. (Seek also knows which stores are open to the public even if they say they're not!)

Garment District Tour is ideal for Project Runway fans, aspiring fashion designers, and anyone with a passion for sewing, fabric, or other types of crafts. The wealth of resources--countless stores, bolts and bolts and bolts of fabric--will boggle the mind of any home seamstress accustomed to choosing from the limited selection at a suburban chain store.

If you're a seamstress or designer with a project in progress, your tour can be customized to include fabrics, trims, and other items on your materials list. With a Seek tour, you'll have the advantage of shopping with someone who is on a first-name basis with the people who make the district tick, and be able to avoid the intimidation factor that newcomers often face. (Needless to say, the first trip to an NYC fabric store can be an overwhelming experience!) Whether your price point is pure silk or polyester, you're sure to come away with amazing fabrics that will lend a professional edge to your project.
Sure, you could wander through the
Garment District on your own, but unless you happen to have a friend who works in the industry, you're going to be missing out. Many of the resources in the neighborhood are "hidden treasures" or hole-in-the wall spots--the kind of places you wouldn't even notice if you didn't know they were there. Plus, many industry retailers do not have storefronts, so unless you know which building and floor to visit, you're going to be limited to places you can see from the street.
Fashion Walk of Fame in NYC.
On Seek's Garment District Tour, you’ll shop alongside a professional costume designer and stylist who has spent years utilizing the resources of the neighborhood. During the three-hour outing you'll learn about the history of the neighborhood and the role NYC has played in the past, present, and future of the fashion industry, find out what it's really like to shop in the Garment District on a daily basis, meet the shopkeepers who bring the neighborhood to life, see the Fashion Walk of Fame, learn about the recent movement to save the Garment District from extinction, and more.

So what are you waiting for?
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