Question of the Day: Is Seek's Garment District Tour Good for My Teen?

Here at Seek, we frequently receive calls and e-mails from parents of aspiring costume and fashion designers, wondering if our Garment District tour will be a good fit for their child. Will they be bored? Will the information be over their head? Will they be the youngest one in the group?

We’re happy to say that we’ve given lots of tours to young designers, from elementary schoolers (we’ve had participants as young as nine) to college students majoring in design or merchandising, and all ages in between. Both boys and girls have enjoyed our tours.

Is the NYC Garment District Tour good for my teen?
If your tween or teen has an interest in the fashion industry, they’ll find plenty to love about our Garment District tour. Teens will enjoy seeing locations featured on hit TV show Project Runway, shopping at stores where “real” fashion designers shop, seeing the Fashion Walk of Fame and the famous “giant button,” learning what goes on behind-the-scenes at New York Fashion Week, and maybe even spotting garment workers rolling one of the neighborhood’s famous racks of clothing down 39th Street.

public Garment District tours are open to anyone, so groups often contain a mix of many types of people: Teens and parents, home seamstresses, Project Runway fans, fashion history buffs, costume designers, textile artists, international travelers, and more.

For a Garment District tour tailored to your child’s age level and specific interests, we recommend booking a private tour with one of our highly qualified guides. Private tours can include extended shopping time and out-of-neighborhood destinations. Private tour participants are also welcome to bring along costume or fashion design sketches for critique by the tour guide, who is also a working designer. Many parents and grandparents have booked our private tours as a birthday surprise, and it’s a hit every time!

Public tour tickets can be purchased by visiting our public Garment District Tour page. To schedule a private tour, use our booking form to submit a request.

Still have questions about whether the tour is right for your teen? Send us an e-mail at We’re happy to help!