NY Fashion Center Tour

NY Fashion Center Tours

Seek’s NY Fashion Center tour is ideal for fashion design and merchandising students, aspiring costume designers and fashion stylists, avid home seamstresses and crafters, Project Runway fans, fashion history buffs, and travelers who might not have any connection to the fashion industry but are curious about the development of the retail and garment industries in NYC.

NY Fashion Center - Guided New York Fashion Center tours in New York, NY

Private NY Fashion Center Tours

Want to explore the NY Fashion Center with an industry professional? Book a private tour with Seek New York! Read More...

Explore the NY Fashion Center

For first-time visitors to NYC, hearing about the NY Fashion Center can sometimes be a bit misleading. People hear “Garment Center” or “Fashion Center” and expect to find streets lined with clothing retailers, but with the exception of 34th Street, very few clothing stores make their home within the boundaries of the NY Fashion Center. Instead, the Fashion Center (a.k.a. the Garment District, Garment Center, or Fashion District) is best described as the epicenter of the fashion industry in NYC (and, some would say, the world!) Read More...

Take a Guided Tour of the NY Fashion Center

Love fashion history, fabrics, and Project Runway? Take a guided tour of the NY Fashion Center! Read More...